Domestic violence 

*Update 09/05/16  I have to stop calling it the ‘specialist’diploma. It is an additional diploma. Also, my ‘teacher’ had a banking concept of education and viewed ‘teaching’ as an act of generosity. 

Also, I’ve recently watched the BBC drama Murdered by my Father, which has striking similarities to the system of domestic violence.

 I wrote the following analysis as a part of my LEVEL 5 SPECIALIST TEACHING DIPLOMA 6503 ESOL AND LITERACY UNIT 509Task B, Assessment outcome b.)

Produce a presentation which analyses:

How language is used in the formation, maintenance and transformation of power relations

The full presentation can be found here

The BBC 3 Drama ‘Killed by my boyfriend’ (60 mins) is available to watch here

I analysed 3 minutes (35.40-38.40)

My analysis:

The clip shows the main protagonist Ashley, confronting her boyfriend Reece whom she suspects of cheating. Reece uses the technique of deflection to transform the situation and win the argument. In addition to using non-verbal language, Reece responds to Ashley’s confrontation of his actions by changing the focus onto her behavior. He brings up a counter complaint and consequently shifts the power dynamics. Reece also reframes ‘parenting’ by misusing the word ‘babysitting.’ (Cults also distort language) The definite shift in power occurs when he raises his voice and his tone becomes aggressive. In order to further confuse his interlocutor Ashley, Reece then changes his tone of voice once again to a soft, almost patronizing tone. He repeatedly states that he loves her and further tries to discredit her by focusing on her insecurities. The interlocutor Ashley loses her power entirely. She ends up very frustrated, scared and confused, gradually losing the legitimacy of her initial complaint. As a result, she apologizes and Reece wins the argument. It is a clear example of transforming and abusing power.


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